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Guidance, Identification, Gauging, and Inspection Most applications include at least an element of guidance typically referred to as Software Fixturing. Software Fixturing is the ability of the software to locate the part within the cameras Field of View and then virtually move the associated inspection tools into the proper location to perform the inspections needed. This ability greatly reduces the total cost of deploying vision systems as it reduces or eliminates the need for costly hard tooled fixtures.

In some cases, however, guidance is the entire application. For example, with the part shown at the right, our goal may be to have a robot pick up this part off of a conveyor or even out of a bin. This becomes a complex task for many reasons. First the vision system must locate the part. Many systems offer very advanced software tools to handle part variations such as linear and non-linear lighting changes, changes in scale, changes in material appearance, changes in part position or orientation, etc.  However these advanced tools do no always solve every problem with alignment.  Quite often it is a combination of several tools which provide the accuracy required by the application. 

After the vision system has located the position of the part, it must then translate that position from vision coordinates into robotic space coordinates.  Depending on the robot this can be a very tricky task as robot space may have multiple coordinate axis, may use Cartesian coordinates, and even the selection of the end effector has significant effect on the coordination between the systems.  Finally, the vision system must communicate its results to the robot.  With the diversity of communication schemes available, this too can be a very challenging task. 

At Vision ICS, we have experience with a range of robotic guidance applications from using a custom motion control system and laser system to weld tiny medical device parts up to Giant palletizing robots moving payloads weighing hundreds of pounds.  We can work with your motion control and robotic people to configure the vision system and communicate results or if you do not have staff available to program the robot, depending on the manufacturer, we can configure and program the robot or motion controller as well.


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