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Vision Identification

Since the creation of the first vision systems in the 1980’s, Vision systems have been used to identify parts.  They identify the parts by using human readable text, machine readable bar codes, or even the newer 2D bar codes as shown in the image at right.  Modern vision systems not only identify the part but also grade the quality of the code.  Many product recalls are not due to the quality of the product but due to problems with the labeling.  Undetected problems with Date/Lot Code printers, unreadable UPC codes, or poorly printed 2D codes can all result in recalls costing millions of dollars.  The proper installation of a vision system can greatly reduce or even eliminate these recalls and reduce waste by immediately detecting issues allowing your staff to correct the problem quickly and efficiently.

In certain applications, no code to identify parts is available.  In these cases we can use the physical characteristics of the part itself to identify it.  For example, hypodermic needles come in various diameters.  A vision system could be used to measure this diameter and insure that you get the correct sized needle.  While in most cases, a different diameter needle will work, in some cases too small a needle will not allow the drugs to flow through it properly resulting in the need for a second shot.  Too large a diameter… well the bigger the needle the more it hurts.

Another example of Vision Systems used for identification is known as “Stranger Detection” in the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries.   Strangers are products that are accidentally introduced into a manufacturing line that if they reach the end customer undiscovered can have catastrophic results.  In many cases these strangers look very similar to the regular product.  For example, if a cereal container for a product that doesn’t contain peanuts got onto a food line with nuts and reached a person with allergies, the results could be devastating.  Similarly if a Soda can were mixed into a beer canning line, or a heavy narcotic were mixed in with aspirin the results could be devastating to the unsuspecting customer.  A properly deployed vision system can prevent this stranger from reaching an unsuspecting customer.

At Vision ICS we have extensive experience with Visual Identification including Date Lot Code Verification, 1D and 2D Bar Code reading and grading, as well as using physical characteristics to identify parts.  Let us help you with your most difficult identification tasks.

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