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Machine Vision System Paper Evaluation and ROI

One of the things that can be difficult is justifying a machine vision system. First you must calculate if a machine vision system will even be able to meet your specifications. Next you must justify the purchase of the vision system to solve the problem. This is extremely difficult for most of us to do. We are not accountants. So we wait for somebody else to justify the vision system. Usually people will try to justify the vision system with the number of people that the system will replace. However, generally speaking this is the smallest portion of the savings that can be realized when correctly applying a vision system. The true savings in a vision system is realized when from reduced scrap and more importantly from the quality associated with your brand. In many industries, the cost of a bad product reaching your customer is enormous. If you are lucky it will only result in a phone call to quality assurance. It could result in lawsuits, loss of brand image or brand loyalty, or loss of sales.

In order to help our customers, we created a small spreadsheet to help to understand where machine vision might be utilized and how to quickly justify it with your boss. Below are a couple youTube videos to show you how to use the spreadsheets. I'll warn you right now... I say "Uh" and "Umm" a lot. Just download it and fill in the yellow portions of each spreadsheet and see how quickly you can justify a vision system.

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