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Inspection is a blanket description for everything else not covered under the other 3 categories.  It can cover everything from color quality to locating tiny scratches and debris on complex polished surfaces.  We often refer to these applications as “anything anywhere” inspections.  They are typically the most difficult of the 4 main application groupings as they tend to be hard to define in terms a machine vision system can understand. 

These are also usually the most poorly specified inspections.  For example you may have human inspectors looking at a product and telling them “if you see anything wrong with the product reject it.”  "Anything" can cover a pretty broad range.  A human inspector will learn over time to ignore normal process variation such as discoloration, small variations which do not affect overall quality, or small material changes.  A vision system has little ability to learn and even less ability to ignore such changes.  Perhaps in your process a scratch is acceptable but a hair (contamination) is not.  A vision system would have a very difficult time determining the difference between these.  It is possible to do, but can be extremely difficult.

Usually to some extent we must decide to either accept the occasional false reject or the false accept.  Usually our customers will accept a slightly higher false reject rate in order to reduce the false accept rate.  In other words, they would rather throw away a good product than allow a bad product to reach their customers.  Techniques such as adaptive learning and dynamic thresholding allow us to keep both of these numbers as low as possible. 

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