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Product in Pouch

Guidance, Identification, Gauging, and InspectionMany products are packaged in single dose consumer ready aluminum foil and paper pouches. Transdermal medicine patches such as smoking cessation and Fentanyl patches, tablets, capsules, medicine strips, breath strips, a wide variety of powers, bandages, and personal hygiene products are all examples of such individually wrapped products. It is critical to the quality of these products and in some cases the safety of the products that they be the correct size, that there is only one part or product in the pouch, that the product itself is not stuck in the heat seal at the edge of the part, and that nothing else such as debris from another part is caught in the seal area compromising the seal. As a result of our work with machine builders such as Delta Industrial who specialize in this type of packaging and many end users who use this technology, we have created Product in Pouch which consists of a combination of lighting, optics, and software. This system can be quickly mounted on most converting lines with a minimum of space (about 9”-12” of space typically just before the Heat Sealer). In the example shown here, the seal region is shown surrounding the area where we expect to find our product. We are checking the size of the product as well as making sure there is a product present. If the product or anything else touches the heat seal area, we reject the part.  Of course for most of our customers, Product in Pouch serves as a base platform to which we add other tools for inspecting their products at the same time to guarantee product quality.  For example, we might check the quality of print on the product, look to make sure that tablets are undamaged, make sure that transdermal patches are assembled correctly, etc.  We can also use the information gathered from the vision system to feed back into controllers for closed loop control insuring the product is continuously centered in the pouch or that the product is made within tolerances. If you have a product that you think could benefit from this technology, let us know and we would be glad to test it out in our lab.

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