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Vision Site Survey

In some cases, our customers know that they would like to embrace Vision Systems, but they are not sure where to begin.  Too often, they select their most challenging application that is really causing them headaches while overlooking much easier applications with much greater return on investment. 

In the course of helping these customers to explore their vision needs, we developed tools that when we lump them together became the Vision Site Survey.  The focus of this survey is to discover the hidden applications that can have significant returns on investment while being rapidly deployable.  Uncovering these hidden gems and quickly capitalizing on them can establish an immediate culture of vision where people in your company will believe in Machine Vision as a technology and look for places to use vision to improve your companies bottom line.

We typically begin with one or more presentations on the capabilities of vision delivered to as wide a group of your employees as possible including operators, technicians, engineers, managers, etc.  In some cases we will tailor presentations for specific groups within your organization.  For example we might have one general presentation for operators focusing in general on the uses and benefits of vision, we might have another more technical presentation for technicians, IT, and engineers, and finally a presentation for Managers focusing more on the financial benefits of vision technology.

After this presentation, we poll your people for ideas for where Vision might be used in your facility.  After all, who knows your process and where you might need help better than you do?  We then collate all of these ideas into a single set of possible applications and work with you to evaluate the feasibility for each application, the difficulty and cost associated with it, and the benefits of each solution to your company.  In the end, you are presented with a report detailing each of these applications, recommendations, and forms to help track your progress in implementing each idea.

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