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Vision System Training

In order to take ownership of your vision system it is important that key personnel have training on the vision system.  These personnel can include operators, technicians, engineers, quality control, and management.  Of course a single generic course is not appropriate for all these levels.  We therefore create custom courses geared specifically toward your application for your personnel.  For operators, we train them on the systems HMI, things to look for as far as defects that are displayed, and often trends to watch for so that they may eliminate problems before they occur.  For technicians we train them on the system fundamentals, warning signs that there may be a problem with the vision system, troubleshooting, and system replacement if that is required.  Many technicians will also join the engineers and quality control people learning in detail exactly how their particular system is programmed, how to set the control limits, and even where they may want to make improvements to the system in the future adding additional inspections or modifying existing inspections as needed.  For management we provide less technical training focused more on setting expectations for the system as well as examining return on investment for the systems. 

We will also provide more generalized training as requested.  Typically this training will largely mirror the training offered by the manufacturer.  The primary advantage of our training is our ability to tailor it to your particular process.  For example, your production may be such that you will never have any text to read on your product, never have a bar code to verify, never have a 2D matrix code to inspect.  If you attend the manufacturers training course you will spend a minimum of a day learning about these tools.  If we provide the training, we can gloss over them so that your personnel know they are available in the future should your production change, but not going into the depth required by the manufacturers course.  The secondary advantage is we can provide this training at your site at a fraction of the cost manufacturers charge.

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