About Us

Vision ICS, Incorporated is dedicated to integrating machine vision systems into manufacturing processes around the world. Working with machine builders, large and small systems integrators, and end-users in many industries, we have installed over 700 systems worldwide. Vision ICS, Incorporated was founded in 2003 and is based out of Woodbury, Minnesota. Connect with Vision ICS, Incorporated on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and our Youtube channel.

John Salls | Owner/Engineer

John Salls has been working in the machine vision industry for over 25 years. With industry-leading experience in sales, programming, building, and lighting, he works on international projects as well as local projects. After graduating college in 1990 from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, John worked as a sales engineer with companies in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area until founding Vision ICS in 2003. His background in electrical engineering and with training in programming and mechanical engineering, he has worked on over 700 products ranging from food and beverage to automotive to medical devices.